Hey Google, come back later: Search giant’s CES booth unveiling washed out due to heavy rain

Rain delayed the opening of Google’s massive outdoor booth at CES. (GeekWIre Photo / Kevin Lisota)

LAS VEGAS — Mother Nature spoiled Google’s coming out party at CES, as the search giant had to delay a press event this morning and the opening of its gargantuan outdoor booth that has come to represent the search giant’s intention to dominate the colossal tech conference.

When GeekWire arrived at the booth this morning, we were told a press event coinciding with the kickoff of the big convention was delayed indefinitely due to an intense downpour. Google crews were covering up the booth to do their best to protect it and employing big buckets to catch the buckets of rain.

Crews covered up Google’s booth as the rain came down. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

Google’s presence here in Las Vegas has been a big theme in the days leading up to the commencement of CES. The booth, a flurry of announcements and branding on everything from the monorail to giant LED signs at various casinos were evidence of the search giant’s commitment to making a statement this week.

Google’s main rival in the digital assistant world, Amazon is out en masse at CES as well. With the two tech giants volleying big announcements back and forth, we’d like to think today’s weather mishap for Google unfolded like this:

(GeekWire Illustration)

And meanwhile, this was the scene at a parking garage near our hotel: