Here’s the First Teardown of the iPhone XS

Another year, another iPhone, and another iPhone teardown. Usually repair experts iFixit are the first to get hold of an iPhone and pull it apart before the internet, but this year Dutch YouTuber Fixjeiphone NL got hold of the new iPhone XS ahead of its release and busted it open for our benefit.

And the iPhone XS is a lot like the iPhone X internally. The seal that makes the XS waterproof and the battery seem to be the biggest differences. Fixjeiphone NL used a heat gun to loosen up the XS’ seal then pried it apart, but commented it was harder to pull the screen off than in previous models. Once inside, he revealed that the XS has one large L-shaped battery where the X has a two-cell batteries.

The similarities between the X and XS mean that any repair issues present in the X, such as the difficulty replacing the glass back, will be probably be a problem with the XS too. iFixit says it’ll have its full teardown up Friday, which usually goes into more detail about possible repair issues and its internal components. But this is a nice preview.