Hands-on with Microsoft’s Surface Laptop

It feels bizarre — the polyester and polyurethane coating that encases Microsoft’s new $999 Surface Laptop.

But the device, technically the first normal laptop Microsoft has ever made in-house, looks good — a hell of a lot better than my dinged up four-year-old MacBook Air, but still not as flashy as Apple’s slick pink MacBooks. And thankfully the Surface Laptop is actually pretty thin, as it ditches the rather humongous hinge found on the Surface Pro (I mean, c’mon).

Take a closer look with us at the prototypes Microsoft showed off today:

Above: The new Surface Laptop, in “graphite gold.”

Above: No USB-C!

Above: Sleek and smooth on the outside, more or less like a MacBook.

Above: Up close with the “alcantara” fabric-coated interior. It feels *weird!*

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