Hacking of the future, infecting computers using audio signals

I’m in awe of how impressive this is. Computer scientists have developed proof-of-concept software, that uses inaudible audio signals to communicate with each other. And with the communication, they can then transfer data such as malware, from speakers and microphones within short distances of each other.

The computers don’t even need to be connected to the Internet for it to work. Ars says that using high-frequency communication methods could prove especially adept in penetrating highly sensitive environments that routinely place an “air gap” between computers and the outside world.

The researchers were able to transmit passwords and other small amounts of data from distances of almost 65 feet. See the diagram pictured inset, which shows just how the concept would work. The software can transfer data at much greater distances by employing an acoustical “mesh network,” made up of attacker-controlled devices that repeat the audio signals.