GeekWire Podcast: How COVID-19 is squeezing Amazon; Good news stories; Farewell, John Legere

Here’s what we’re talking about this week on the GeekWire Podcast.

Amazon is under pressure as workers in dozens of its warehouses test positive for the coronavirus, and an Amazon exec makes a major blunder in employee relations. Amid the gloomy COVID-19 news, there are some stories that fill us with hope. And it was never a dull moment with John Legere as CEO of T-Mobile. As the company merges with Sprint and he departs, we remember a leader who is as colorful as his wardrobe.

Among this week’s events: There are encouraging signs that social distancing is helping to flatten the virus curve in Washington. Governor Jay Inslee says the state will get tough with businesses that don’t honor his stay-at-home order. And Bill Gates outlines three steps he thinks the U.S. must take to control this outbreak.

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Amazon’s power and resilience could leave it in a dominant position once the coronavirus outbreak is over. But can it keep its workers safe?

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More from the podcast: Even in these grim times, there are stories that give us hope. Here are a few.

John Legere has departed as CEO of T-Mobile. We look back at his colorful career with an epic highlight from his 2014 appearance at the GeekWire Summit.

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