Geared Up: Xfinity’s new mobile service, YouTube launches TV feature and hands-on with Apple Clips

Just in case Xfinity doesn’t offer enough services, the cable and internet provider is making the leap into another industry: wireless phone service. Xfinity Mobile is the latest big push from the company, famous for “bundling” its cable TV, internet and landline services.

Now, if they want, users can quadruple bundle. On this week’s episode of Geared Up, hosts Todd Bishop and Andru Edwards say it seems like a good deal for some, but they aren’t convinced it’s for them — they’re both sticking with T-Mobile for now.

Also on this week’s episode of Geared Up, we take a look at YouTube’s new TV service. For $35 a month, subscribers get live streams of local cable stations and limitless DVR storage Even though it’s currently only available in five U.S. markets — New York, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Philadelphia — it could be a promising competitor to traditional cable TV.

We also look at the specs on Xbox’s Project Scorpio, billed as the most powerful gaming console ever built. This week’s announcement was a bit of a letdown for Andru, but we’ll hear more about the console, and possibly catch a glimpse, at the upcoming E3 video-game convention.

Plus, Andru gets excited about the recent spy shots of the Tesla Model 3. He’s one of thousands who preordered the car, which is set to be the big test of Tesla’s viability when it launches in July.

We also go hands on with Todd’s favorite new app, Apple Clips, which is now available for iOS devices.

Listen to the podcast above or download it here, and be sure to watch the behind the scenes video above for some extra fun.