Geared Up Podcast: Voice assistant mania and the latest TV tech at CES

Samsung debuted “The Wall,” a new modular TV, at CES. (Samsung Photo)

It’s that time of the year: This week is the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest tech expo in the U.S. Almost two hundred thousand people have descended on a surprisingly rainy Las Vegas for the show, among them Geared Up co-host Andru Edwards.

On this episode, we check in with Andru and get the skinny on the trends and tech making a buzz at CES.

Unsurprisingly, voice assistants have been a huge presence this year — chiefly Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. They’re popping up in cars, in refrigerators, even in the bathroom mirror.

Microsoft seems to be missing out again, with its Cortana assistant barely making an appearance, and Samsung is hoping it can pull off success with its native smart assistant Bixby.

Ever the videophile, Andru is also keeping his eye on the new TVs being announced, including a giant, 146-inch TV from Samsung called simply The Wall. LG is also upping the game with an 8K TV that automatically upgrades content to a higher resolution than the current 4K standard.

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