Geared Up: New Nintendo Switch Consoles, Apple Kills the MacBook, & Galaxy Note 10 Crazy Battery

Image: Nintendo

On this week’s Geared Up, we talk about the two new Nintendo Switch consoles that were announced this past week – the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch with refreshed battery. In the case of the Switch Lite, we are getting a new handheld-only portable console with a cheaper price and some caveats. Over on the standard Switch front, we were expecting a pro version of the Switch as well, but instead got the same hardware with increased battery life.

Apple has significantly changed its laptop computer lineup with the release of a cheaper MacBook Air and the addition of premium features on the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro while simultaneously killing the 12-inch MacBook and the older entry-level MacBook Air. We go over why this actually provides clarity for anyone looking to buy an Apple laptop.

Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 10 at an event on August 7th at the Barclays Center, and rumors and dropping left and right about the new flagship devices in the weeks leading up to the reveal. The latest focuses on a very unique feature for the Note 10 battery that may make charging anxiety a thing of the past!


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