Geared Up: Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 the biggest revolution in smartphone history?

The speculation is over! After months of anticipation, Samsung has revealed its next smartphone: the Galaxy S8. Andru Edwards, co-host of our Geared Up podcast, got his hands on one at the launch event in New York City this week and says it’s unlike any other smartphone he’s seen.

On this episode of Geared Up, we take a look at what makes the S8 special, and whether it stands up to Samsung’s claim that it’s the biggest thing to ever happen in the smartphone market.

The device’s key feature is the display. Samsung has put extreme effort into making the S8’s display the best in class, which Andru says takes it a step above anything else on the market. Even though the S8 is the size of an iPhone 7, its display is as large as the one on the iPhone 7 plus. Samsung was able to make that jump by getting rid of almost all the device’s bezel, the material that normally surrounds screen.

The Galaxy S8 (left) and S8 plus (right) compared to the iPhone 7 plus (center). (Photo by Andru Edwards)

The S8 is also home to Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant that’s a new rival for Apple’s Siri. It even has an augmented reality mode, which works almost like AR glasses.

Plus, Todd shares his takeaways from the Windows 10 Creators Update, which rolls out starting April 11; and we take a look at Andru’s brand new Product Red iPhone.

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