Facebook is cracking down on “Like if” meme pages

We’ve all seen them. Like if you want to save this child from cancer. Like this post if you love your mom. Like this if you _______ (fill in the blank). Facebook is riddled with crappy meme pages that post photos overlaid with meme-style text asking you to like the post, in order to do the obvious. Yes, if my Mom’s house was burning down to the ground, I would save her. Will I like your page, no I won’t.

These Facebook meme pages, or as I call them, “Like if” pages, are just plain spammy. There annoying. And I really hate when they post crap like “10,000 likes and this kid will be cured of cancer!” The worst part, many of you are liking the posts! Ugh.

Anyhow, Facebook realizes that these spammy pages are using Likes to get into your News Feeds, and is working on an algorithm to shut them down, so they show dramatically less in your feeds, giving the opportunity for legitimate content to bubble up to the top of your feeds. This may be one time where I say, Thank You Facebook.