Despite crackdown, there’s a new Apple Park drone video

A new drone video shows work continuing on Apple Park, including progress on landscaping, despite reports that the company was attempting to prevent such flyovers.

Over the summer, several drone operators said that Apple had hired security guards for adjacent sites to warn them not to fly their drones over the company’s new headquarters. At the time, it did not appear Apple Park had been declared a no-fly zone by the Federal Aviation Administration. Still, some drone operators who had been posting construction progress videos said they would stop.

But today, Matthew Roberts of Maverick Media posted a new video update:

The video doesn’t look remarkably different from others shot in recent months, though it appears more trees have been planted and that construction crews continue to put the finishing touches on some buildings. It’s not clear what day of the week the video was actually shot, but there is no visual evidence of Apple employees on the site, so perhaps it was made over a weekend.

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No doubt, the drones would be an annoyance for Apple. From the beginning, Apple Park was intended to offer a high degree of security and privacy for employees, more so than the current open campus on Infinite Loop where the public can walk right up to the buildings.

Of course, Apple Park was designed before consumer drones became so popular. For years now, drone operators have been charting the progress of the campus’ construction.

With employees reportedly moving in, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple wanted to halt the practice.