Debunking the Blackwater-Craft Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theory

Conspiracy theorists always come out of the woodwork when something major like the Boston Marathon bombing happens, and at times, rightfully so. Things can get messy fast, confusing, and hard to keep track of and understand which leads to questions and conspiracies.

As many of you might know by now, there are lots of folks out there saying that the Boston Bombing was not done by the two Chechnyan born Tsarnaev brothers, but by some other nefarious plot by the government, or others, with the two brothers being framed for it. A video going around now, that at this time has over 300k+ views, depicts the conspiracy that the Blackwater (Craft) private security team had something to do with it. Here’s the video:

This appears to be just someone’s lack of knowledge, or ignorance and wild imagination, driving them to create such a video and conspiracy. The truth will set you free – and fortunately – there is another side to this story which completely debunks the Blackwater-Craft theory.

The military looking guys in the video/photos (as pictured above) are actually Massachusetts Guard’s 1st Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (WMD CST). You may be asking yourself, what were they doing there? Good question.

Since the Boston Marathon is so huge, the National Guard plays a significant role, and at the Boston Marathon there were several hundred national guardsman on duty that day, including small factions of the WMD CST. When the bombing happened, of course they were there to spring into action and help. There job isn’t to be first responders, their jobs are to find out what’s going on, and see if there is additional threats. That is what they were doing there. There is actually WMD CST teams all over the U.S. for each state. It would be great if someone from the police, feds, or national guard just came out and publicly acknowledged the fact that the WMD CST was there, which would help debunk this conspiracy theory, but maybe they were/are just too busy figuring out what happened themselves and putting all the pieces together.