Creepy or Cool: the anti-surveillance mask

There is one man setting out to fight for your privacy and against mass-surveillance. His name is Leo Selvaggio, and he wants you to use his face instead of yours, to keep your privacy.

Selvaggio lives in what he claims to be one of the most surveilled states in the U.S., Chicago. As with Chicago, most states in the U.S. are using surveillance on a daily basis, tracking people for various reasons. This isn’t just in the United States, but all over the world. Selvaggio feels that he has come up with a good solution for those that want to secure their privacy in a surveilled world.

Enter the URME mask. Created by Selvaggio, the mask is a 3D printed copy of Selvaggio’s face. If you put on the mask, cameras and face-detecting software will pick up his face and not yours. I can certainly see a demand for this for the average protester that wants to stay private – but would there be any other real world uses? Or is this just creepy?