Civilization VI’s first expansion — Rise and Fall — is coming February 8

2K and Firaxis announced today that Civilization VI is getting its first expansion. Rise and Fall will come out for the PC strategy game on February 8.

Civilization VI launched on October 21, 2016. As of May, it has sold more than 2 million copies. A paid expansion can help bring in additional revenue.

Rise and Fall will add nine new leaders and eight new civilizations, along with new buildings, units, and wonders. The expansion will introduce Historic Moments. Your Civilization will enter specific epochs, like a Dark Age, and you’ll then receive tasks to complete. How well you do will determine your next era, like a Golden Age or Heroic Age.

Cities will now have Loyalty. If it falls to low, you’ll face revolts and other problems. You can also recruit and appoint Governors to increase Loyalty.

If a Civilization becomes too powerful, all other players can rally against it in an Emergency. During this period, other Civilizations can receive rewards or penalties based on their performances.