Bitcoin prices reach new all time highs, not seen since 2013

It’s been a rough past couple of years for Bitcoin, with the prices fluctuating from the low $200’s in early 2015, to new highs just seen this week.

The previous all time high was not seen since December 2013, right before the Mt. Gox crash. The highest price at the time was around $1147 USD. This week Bitcoin reached a new milestone, surpassing the 2013 price reaching as high as $1239 on the exchange The Rock Trading and $1207 on Bitfinex. According to Bitcoin charting and data site, the Bitcoin market cap has also reached peak levels nearly touching $20B in total valuation.

The reason for the new price spike isn’t yet known, but rumors about the upcoming Bitcoin ETF seem to be fueling some of the fire. Some have even gone as far to speculate the new Trump administration is helping to increase the price, because of uncertainties on upcoming policy changes.

The year has just started, but it’s already looking bright for the digital currency.