Amazon reportedly working with big consumer brands to reduce its costs on ‘CRaP’ items

That heavy bottled water? Or those bulky, cheap paper towels? Amazon would prefer that you order them in larger quantities — or that the manufacturer take responsibility for shipping them to you.

An increased effort is said to be underway inside Amazon to reduce the number of what it calls “Can’t Realize a Profit,” or “CRaP” items. The Wall Street Journal reports that as the online retailer focuses more on the bottom line, it’s rethinking how it sells products that tend to be priced at $15 or less and are heavy or bulky, and so expensive to ship. And difficult for Amazon to make any money on.

As a result, according to major brand executives interviewed by The Journal, Amazon has been eliminating unprofitable items and asking product makers to change packaging to increase product quantities in a single package.

Examples cited include default Amazon Dash button orders for Coca-Cola’s Smartwater shifting from a six-pack to a 24-pack — with direct shipping from Coca-Cola instead of from an Amazon warehouse — and Unilever’s Seventh Generation brand replacing a three-pack of dish soap with a 6-pack.

Why make the changes Amazon requests? As one e-commerce executive interviewed by The Journal put it, big consumer brands not having a presence on Amazon “is not an option anymore.”