100 Vine Compilations Playing at Once Is a Portal to Hell

Taken one at a time, Vines are (or, were, RIP) the purest wellspring of joy to ever exist on this cursed internet. Compiled into a 360-degree video of 100 Vines playing at once, and they become a vision of eternal torment.

Vine compilation videos are nothing new—a search of the term returns more than three million results on YouTube—but this is something else. This is the bad place.

YouTuber Jake Hall created a video that sends the unlucky viewer spelunking down a K-hole of screaming memes. Look down, and it’s an endless abyss of six-second jokes. Look up, and realize there is no escape. It’s the Architect scene from The Matrix but with teenagers doing pratfalls and blowing their iPhone speakers out in a deafening chorus.

The entire video is over 33 minutes long. I barely made it through two straight minutes before I started to feel my mind creeping near the edges of sanity. Sections start dropping off the walls of the video tunnel, leaving black squares of tile, until only one is left. This torture chamber ends on the worst “drop the bass” meme Vine in existence.

Even if we someday get a full-fledged Vine 2, I pray we never see another hellscape like this come of it. Let’s learn from our mistakes.