Redbox starts offering Switch game rentals

Redbox, the company behind those movie and game-renting machines you see outside of grocery stores and Walmarts, is starting to offer Switch games. Right now this is just for select cities: Seattle, San Antonio and Portland, Oregon. But it could expand across the U.S. if the Switch games prove popular in those locations. After the collapse[…]

JPY, USD, and KRW Accounts for Over 90% of Bitcoin Traded on Exchanges

CNY to bitcoin trading now accounts for approximately only 1% of all bitcoin trade occurring on exchanges, according to cryptocompare data. The Chinese cryptocurrency crackdown has drastically altered the global composition of bitcoin markets. 60% of bitcoin trading currently occurs through Japanese markets, with the U.S. and South Korean markets also comprising a significant share[…]

Bitmex Exchange and Samourai Wallet Details Plans on How to Handle Upcoming Forks

Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (Bitmex) and Samourai Wallet (Samourai) have each released details on action plans regarding the expected fork at block height 494,784. This mid-November triggering of Segregated Witness 2 (Segwit2x) is proving to be a battleground for passionate bitcoiners on all sides. Those hostile to the fork are themselves torn between outright refusal and[…]

After delayed launch, Russian robotic craft makes cargo delivery to space station

Almost three tons of food, fuel and supplies were delivered to the International Space Station today aboard a robotic Russian Progress cargo spaceship. The spacecraft was launched on Saturday from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, two days after an initial countdown was scrubbed. Russian space officials said the rare postponement came about because an electrical[…]

Overwatch now has 35 million players for Blizzard’s online team shooter

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that its team-based shooter Overwatch has passed the 35 million players mark. Overwatch launched in May 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Overwatch hit the 30 million player milestone in April. Blizzard’s number is for total players, not active ones. So 5 million people bought Overwatch in about the last[…]

Signaling Growing Bitcoin Acceptance, Colombia Gets Second Cryptocurrency Conference

Colombia is poised to economically breakout in coming years due to its blessings of climate and natural resources, a vibrant working-age population, newly arrived at peace, and an embrace of bitcoin. Cryptocurrency conferences, training workshops, are sprouting all over the country in preparation.   Also read: Colombia Clarifies Stance on Bitcoin Colombia Ascending Mauricio Tovar, blogger and[…]

The Supreme Court Will Decide If the US Can Access Anyone's Data on Earth

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it would hear a major digital privacy case that will determine whether law enforcement officials can demand user data stored by technology companies in other countries. In 2013, federal investigators obtained a warrant for emails and identifying information tied to a Microsoft Outlook account they believed was being used[…]

Bitcoin Anarchist Amir Taaki Talks Technology’s Purpose and Altcoins (Interview part 2)

In PART 2, crypto folk hero Amir Taaki shares his thoughts with on past projects and Altcoins, while pointing to a philosophical paradox he sees in the wider community. Read part one here. Also read: Crypto-Anarchist Cody Wilson Launches 3D Printed M1911 Handgun Software was fortunate enough to catch up with Amir Taaki. When[…]