Bitcoin Traders Are Finding Creative Ways to Avoid KYC

Cryptocurrency traders on Bisq are using Revolut to buy and sell bitcoin without the need for KYC/AML. The decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace allows anyone to buy or sell cryptocurrency via a range of payment processors and traditional banking services. With Localbitcoins now a twisted nightmare of KYC, privacy-conscious traders have few platforms to which they can[…]

It's Never a Bad Day to Not Text Back

Let’s say you go on a date with a hot person. You grab drinks, go home together, have sex, and then trundle on home. It was fun, but now it’s over, until they text you “Heyyyyyy :]” a few days later. If you respond, they start telling you about their day and asking you about[…]

As cities battle feds over 5G rollout, tech leaders worry Seattle will fall short in new digital divide

GeekWire Illustration The tech hub that Amazon and Microsoft call home is typically referred to as simply “Seattle.” But zooming in, there are two distinct communities — separated by Lake Washington and a host of cultural differences — that could be further stratified by a new wave of technology promising to transform our lives. That[…]

Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Complete: 2 New Protocol Changes Added

The Bitcoin Cash network has successfully upgraded the latest ruleset changes to the protocol. The BCH blockchain now features the enforcement of minimal pushdata in script which will make a majority of BCH network transactions non-malleable. Moreover, as an extension to last May’s Schnorr upgrade, the opcode OP_Checkmultisig(verify) will now feature Schnorr signature support. Also[…]