Decentralized eSports Platform FirstBlood Raises $5.5M in Minutes

Upcoming decentralized eSports application has experienced a record crowdsale day, raising $5.5 million USD in Ether. The sale ended with 465,312 ETH — most of the money raised in a matter of minutes. Also read: An In Depth Interview With OpenBazaar’s Chris Pacia An Ethereum-Based Decentralized eSports Platform FirstBlood is an eSports project that allows[…]

Japan Set to Be Major Funding Source for Blockchain Companies

Japanese regulations have restricted banks’ abilities to invest in fintech startups, including Bitcoin and blockchain companies. However, that is about to change. Japan’s biggest banks are now reportedly looking to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into fintech, including blockchain companies. Also read: Japan Risks Falling Behind Amid Blockchain Talent Shortage  Japan’s Banking Law Removes Funding Limits[…]

Paralelní Polis Preps For This Year’s Hackers Congress

Paralelní Polis and the Atlas Network are throwing their annual event, the Hackers Congress In Prague (HCPP16). The third annual conference will run from Sept. 30 through Oct. 2, promoting freedom through the use of cryptography.   Also read: A Decentralized World Has No Kings The Hackers Congress In Prague at Paralelní Polis Both Atlas and Paralelní Polis[…]

Hyplerledger Adds to Blockchain Group in Time for Sibos

Blockchain consortium Hyperledger today revealed five new members have joined its cross-industry platform. Announced as part of the build up to the Sibos banking conference in Switzerland, the new companies come from multiple countries and industries. The new Hyperledger members are verification firm Aesthetic Integration, enterprise blockchain foundation BLOCKO Inc, research exchange firm Hangzhou Fuzamei[…]

An In Depth Interview With OpenBazaar’s Chris Pacia

OpenBazaar has been popular with the Bitcoin community for some time. The idea of a truly decentralized marketplace is truly innovative, and the platform has been serving the general public since April this year. There are many people selling a wide variety of items, and the team recently released its roadmap for the future. Also read: Spells of Genesis[…]

Japanese Can Soon Pay Utility Bills with Bitcoin

Japanese Bitcoin services firm Coincheck today announced “Coincheck Denki“, a service allowing local users to pay utility bills with bitcoin. Also read: Spells of Genesis Game Resets for Further Development Furthermore, bitcoin users will actually save money — up to 4%-6% for “heavy users”. Even lighter users can save on their bills, Coincheck said. Users will[…]