Senators Question Wireless Carriers Over YouTube, Netflix Throttling

Three Democratic senators are questioning major wireless carriers about recent reports that they routinely throttle video apps, often just to make an extra buck. Democratic senators Edward Markey, Richard Blumenthal, and Ron Wyden this week sent letters to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile that pressured the companies to provide more detail on recent research that[…]

ECB Official Decries Bitcoin as ‘Evil Spawn’ of Financial Crisis, Ripple Consolidates Lawsuits

In recent regulatory news, an executive board member of the European Central Bank (ECB) has given a dismissive appraisal of bitcoin and rejected the prospect of central banks issuing state-backed digital currencies in the foreseeable future. In other news, Ripple Labs has moved to consolidate three lawsuits into a single federal suit, while the police[…]

The National Space Council Is Pushing for a 2028 Moon Mission

A mission to the moon tentatively scheduled for 2028 was pitched to the National Space Council’s Users’ Advisory Group—a group of government and NASA officials headed by Vice President Mike Pence that’s in charge of brainstorming and organizing NASA’s long term plans—on Thursday. NASA head Jim Bridenstine and NASA Associate Administrator for Policy and Strategy[…]

Spaceflight Industries goes through financial restructuring as key launch nears

Spaceflight’s team gathers in front of SpaceX’s facilities at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California during preparations for a dedicated-rideshare launch. (SpaceflightInc via Twitter) Seattle-based Spaceflight Industries laid out the status of a debt restructuring plan this week in advance of its most ambitious satellite launch operation to date. Documents filed with the Securities and[…]