She Was Lured into Sex Slavery Through Facebook. Now She Wants to Stop Mark Zuckerberg From Making Victims ‘Invisible.’

When Sarah Widman was a teenager, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat were her outlet, a way of connecting with the world. Then, one day she accepted a friend request from a stranger on Facebook. “I was so young and I was flattered by seemingly undivided attention,” Widman said at a press conference[…]

Bitcoin Risks Turning Bearish Due to Declining Market Health, Says Glassnode

Bitcoin (BTC) risks sliding back into bearish territory should onchain activity and overall market health continue to decline, warns analytics firm Glassnode. The latest market update from Glassnode shows that the GNI index, which measures the overall state of the Bitcoin network, dropped 18% or 13 points week-on-week, to a value of 60 points. Simultaneously,[…]

Twitter Won’t Stop Trump From Tweeting Conspiracies About Joe Scarborough's Dead Congressional Aide

President Donald Trump won’t stop tweeting about a long-disproven conspiracy theory about a young woman who died in then-Congressman Joe Scarborough’s office in 2001. Now the widower of congressional aide Lori Klausutis is asking Twitter to step in and take down a series of tweets by Trump and Donald Trump Jr. implying Scarborough murdered her[…]

Despite Trust Model Debates, Ethereum Is Bitcoin’s Largest Sidechain by Total Value Locked

The Ethereum network now has more bitcoin held in reserves than the Lightning Network, according to onchain statistics. At the time of publication, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) has close to 4,000 BTC ($34.7M) held in reserves, while the Lightning Network has only 925 BTC ($8.3M). Wrapped Bitcoin Project’s Total Value Locked Climbs to 3.9k Bitcoin Just[…]

BitAmp – The Next New Open Source Wallet

With the recent rise of Bitcoin prices and the Bitcoin halvening, new entrants into the cryptocurrency field may wonder where they can self-custody their Bitcoin in the most secure way. BitAmp’s Emphasis on Privacy and Security The developers behind new entrant Bitamp’s Bitcoin wallet have created an easy-to-use client-side open-source Bitcoin wallet to fill this[…]

BigONE Exchange Unveils Star Program

BigONE, one of the world’s safest cryptocurrency trading platforms, is excited to launch its new Star Program, a referral system that comes with a advanced backend platform that allows BigONE Star members to track the detail of every user they referred to BigONE, not to mention a decent trading fee rebate along with high commission[…]