Reddit Bans Racist, Sexist Community After Being Called Out by Alexis Ohanian 

After a Twitter call-out from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Reddit has banned a community dedicated to posting degrading images and comments about Black women. The subreddit, called r/DegradeEbonyThots, was started in mid-March and had almost 4,000 subscribers. But when Motherboard viewed it following Ohanian’s tweet, an automated notification by Reddit said that the subreddit was[…]

Peru, India, Indonesia, Nigeria Among Countries With Highest Crypto Usage Increase

Peru, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria are among the countries with the biggest increase in crypto wallet creation based on data from, which has over 52 million wallets created by users worldwide. Nigeria has been the most trending country in recent months, with a 60% increase since April. Trending Countries in Crypto Space revealed[…]

Paytm Freezes Indian Bank Accounts Suspected of Cryptocurrency Trading: Report

India’s largest mobile commerce platform Paytm has reportedly been freezing the bank accounts of users suspected of crypto trading, even though cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, is legal in India. The country still does not have a legal framework for cryptocurrencies but the government says that a crypto bill is “awaiting approval.” Banks Still Block Accounts Over[…]

Germany Begins Closing Down All Unlicensed Bitcoin ATMs

Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the country’s top financial regulator responsible for regulating crypto service providers, has begun actively closing down unauthorized bitcoin ATMs, a BaFin spokesperson has confirmed to All Unauthorized Bitcoin ATMs to Shut Down German financial regulator BaFin has begun actively closing down all unlicensed bitcoin ATMs in the country.[…]

Bitfinex Scoffs at Tether Market Manipulation Lawsuit: Bittrex and Poloniex File for Summary Judgment

Bitfinex says the second attempt by plaintiffs to frame the bitcoin manipulation complaint will fail just like the first attempt. The Bitfinex comments follow a notice by Bittrex and Poloniex disputing claims that they knew about the alleged market manipulation by Bitfinex. In June, the plaintiffs namely, Matthew Script, Benjamin Leibowitz, Jason Leibowitz, Aaron Leibowitz[…]