Wendy McElroy: The Centralization of Crypto and the Banality of Evil

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 3: Decentralization Chapter 8, Part 3 The Centralization of Crypto and the Banality of Evil First we must realize that all actions are performed by individuals… If we scrutinize the meaning of the various actions performed by individuals we must necessarily learn everything about the actions[…]

Firewall: Zero Hour tests how well you can target your enemy in VR

First Contact Entertainment is putting the finishing touches on its virtual reality first-person shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour. It pits four human players against four humans in multiplayer first-person shooter matches on the PlayStation VR. Coming later this year, the game can be played with a PSVR Aim controller or a standard gamepad. I gave it a…Read More

Here's a Video of Billionaire Tim Draper Singing About Bitcoin

Lots of strange things happen at cryptocurrency conferences, but billionaire Tim Draper just put on one of the most bizarre performances in some time at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam on Friday. The first indications that something odd went down at Draper’s talk came when Bloomberg reported that the billionaire investor—who has famously bought[…]

Singapore Warns Eight Unauthorized Token Exchanges

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has warned eight digital token exchanges operating in the country over unauthorized securities trading. The regulator also stopped an initial coin offering, prompting its issuer to return all funds received from Singapore-based investors. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Eight Token Exchanges Warned Singapore’s central bank and financial[…]

Posey Girl

Even amidst a future where infinite cruelty is perpetrated on automated sex workers, somehow, there may prove room for small human kindnesses—or at least kindnesses to humans. -the Ed. The man leaves and the monitor reads: one heartbeat, my own. The globe is still darkened. And my own world, for these few minutes, will align[…]

Caspian Partners With Bitmex to Offer All-In-One Portfolio Services

On May 23 the cryptocurrency portfolio and risk management platform Caspian Tech announced a partnership with the Seychelles based trading platform the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (Bitmex). The move aims to bring Caspian closer to being an all-in-one platform with access to multiple exchanges. Also read: Bitcoin in Brief Friday: Luxury Jets, Cheap Air Tickets Now Offered[…]