Markets Update: Bears Continue to Drag Cryptocurrency Prices Down

Digital asset prices have been dipping in value again after a few days of price consolidation. At the moment, the entire cryptocurrency economy is awfully close to dropping under the psychological $100 billion market valuation. Furthermore, since our last markets update cryptocurrency global trade volumes are weaker than usual, with only $11.5 billion worth of[…]

Nintendo Sues Californian for Selling Modded NES Classic and Switch Hacks

Nintendo really, really doesn’t like piracy. Earlier this week, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against a California man who allegedly sold software that helps people play pirated games on their Switch. The man also sold customized NES Classic consoles with more games than Nintendo originally loaded onto the device, according to the lawsuit. The Hollywood Reporter[…]

Authentication security startup NuID raises $2.5M to help companies prevent breaches

NuID founders Locke Brown and Nolan Smith. (NuID Photo) Security startup NuID today announced a $2.5 million round to help grow its user authentication technology. Founded in early 2017, the Seattle-based company develops software that uses blockchain tech to authenticate individuals and eliminate the need for stored passwords in a centralized database. It calls the technique[…]

Shakepay App Turns Spare Change Into Fractions of BTC

Canadians can now gradually accumulate small fractions of BTC by rounding up their everyday debit card purchases with a mobile application called Shakepay. The company launched in 2015 operates multiple cryptocurrency services and its new Shakepay Change element aims to provide individuals with a frictionless way to buy BTC in Canada. Also read: The Digital Revolution[…]

Allen Institute launches new immunology division with $125M from its late founder

Thomas Bumol, far left, executive director of the Allen Institute for Immunology, chats with other researchers in a laboratory. (Allen Institute Photo) Billionaire philanthropist Paul Allen died two months ago, but before he passed away, he passed along a $125 million commitment to a new research frontier: the Allen Institute for Immunology. The Allen Institute’s[…]

Netherlands to Regulate Cryptocurrencies in Bid to Curb Money Laundering

The Netherlands is seeking to regulate cryptocurrency companies, supposedly in a bid to prevent money laundering and alleged terrorist financing. All virtual currency businesses will now be required to obtain an operating license from De Nederlandsche Bank, the country’s central bank, under draft legislation designed to prevent crypto assets such as BTC from being used[…]