The American Bumblebee Is Facing Extinction in Canada

Bad news for the American bumblebee in Canada. Scientists took a new look at how the tiny insect—once widespread throughout its native North America—is faring, and found it may now be facing extinction up north. The American bumblebee species (Bombus pensylvanicus) has decreased by 70 percent within its known Canadian boundaries, according to a study[…]

Paytomat Enables Merchants to Accept 18 Cryptocurrencies In-Store

Accepting cryptocurrency payments in your store doesn’t require specialist hardware or complex integration – Paytomat is proof. The crypto payment gateway enables merchants to accept 18 cryptocurrencies including BCH using their existing equipment. To date, hundreds of brick and mortar stores across four continents have added crypto support using Paytomat. Also read: Crypto-Based Transfers Can[…]