Supreme Court of India Issues Notice to Reserve Bank Seeking Regulation of Bitcoin

The Supreme Court of India issued a notice on 13 November 2017 to the nation’s central bank and related financial ministries to hasten their regulatory mechanisms with regard to bitcoin. Concerns about cryptocurrency’s lack of central control and potential use for money laundering have sounded alarms throughout the country’s bureaucracies.  Also read: India Central Banker Doubles-Down[…]

Microsoft launches Azure Databricks, a new cloud data platform based on Apache Spark

Scott Guthrie, Microsoft EVP of Cloud & Enterprise. Microsoft Azure customers interested in parsing large amounts of data to improve their businesses will soon be able to use Azure Databricks, developed in consultation with big data startup Databricks and built around the Apache Spark framework. Microsoft plans to announce the new service Wednesday at Microsoft[…]

After Rollercoaster Crypto Price Weekend, European Union Issues Two ICO Warnings

European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) issued two same-day warnings concerning initial coin offerings (ICO) on 13 November after the preceding weekend was witness to dramatic swings in prices and volatility. One release is geared toward investors and the other is aimed at participating firms.  Also read: Israel Securities Authority Chairman Outlines Concerns Regarding ICOs ESMA Warns[…]

Chinese Hydroelectric Crackdown Could Herald the Demise of Cheap Bitcoin Mining

Chinese bitcoin miners are the latest tranche of the country’s cryptocurrency community to be hit by restrictions. This time it’s not the government but a subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation that has issued the decree, in a move which calls into question the country’s ability to sustain bitcoin mining operations. At present, both the[…]