Onchain Researchers Suspect Chinese Government Sold Plustoken’s Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Hoard Last Year

A number of masterminds from the Plustoken scam were sentenced to 11 years in prison for defrauding cryptocurrency investors. Last week, on November 19, a court ruling had shown the Chinese government said that it seized over $4 billion in crypto assets from the Plustoken scam. Meanwhile, onchain sleuths believe the Chinese government may have[…]

Report: 33% of US Based ICO Investors Say Founders Intentionally Deceived Them or Withheld Key Information

A survey conducted by Xangle Research finds that a third (33%) of respondents say founders of an initial coin offering (ICO) in which they invested either intentionally deceived them or withheld key information. A further 17% of the responding ICO investors say they did not know if they had been deceived. However, about half (50%)[…]

Mysterious Monolith Update: Romanian Monolith Disappears in Middle of Night

It’s happened again, another monolith has disappeared. Following in its Utah counterpart’s footsteps, the Romanian monolith has suddenly vanished.  The monolith was placed near an ancient Dacian Fortress dating back to B.C. times. Now only a shallow, rubble-holding, square-shaped hole is the only thing that remains of the structure, as seen in a video posted[…]

Microsoft Report says Nation-State Hacker Group is Leveraging Cryptocurrency Techniques to Stay Under the Radar

A new security report by Microsoft says nation-state hacker group Bismuth is now deploying cryptocurrency-mining malware alongside its regular cyber-espionage toolkits. According to the report, the deployment by Bismuth of Monero coin miners in recent campaigns has provided another way for the attackers to monetize compromised networks. Bismuth is reportedly backed by the Vietnamese government.[…]

Room Temperature Superconductors Will Change Everything

From ultra-fast bullet trains to new-age medical equipment, superconductors could fundamentally change society. In the U.S. alone, about six percent of electricity passing through a typical power grid in a year is lost and becomes heat, which costs billions of dollars. New, room-temperature superconductors, however, could change all that. As the name implies, they are[…]

Bitcoin Just Hit Its Highest Price Ever: $19,729

Bitcoin reached a new all-time high (ATH), selling for roughly $19,729 this Monday morning on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.  There are many opinions about the precise dollar value of the last record high in late 2017, up to $20,093 on BitMex. According to Kraken exchange employee Dan Held, bitcoin reached an ATH of $19,600 on his[…]