The Ultimate Guide to Indie Games

I know, I know — you’ve got games like Super Mario Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and Call of Duty: World War II on your to-play list. Or maybe you’re deep into Blizzard Entertainment’s team shooter Overwatch and you’re working on getting to platinum with the new healer Moira. But this year gave us a raft[…]

Swissquote Bank Launches Exchange-Traded Bitcoin Certificates

The firm Swissquote Bank SA has announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency based exchange-traded product called ‘bitcoin certificates.’ The certificates will be Swissquote’s first actively managed fund that’s tethered to digital assets and cash. Also read: Local Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize Region    Swissquote Group Believes Investors of All Profiles Should Have[…]

AI-Powered Driving Apps Can Track Your Every Move

Forecast is a series exploring the future of AI and automation in a variety of different sectors—from the arts to city building to finance—to find out what the latest developments might mean for humanity’s road ahead. We’ll hear from Nikolas Badminton, David Usher, Jennifer Keesmaat, Heather Knight, Madeline Ashby and Director X, among others. Created[…]

Lessons from the Bushmen: How this tech-free society could foreshadow our technological future

The Bushmen of southern Africa are indigenous people who have lived in an egalitarian, mostly technology-free society for millennia. (James Suzman Photo) Many people nowadays are concerned about the way technology is changing their lives. From worries about artificial intelligence taking jobs, to the huge influence of social media, to companies invading our digital privacy, the modern[…]