Q&A: Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman on using tech to keep elections secure

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman (second from right) flanked by staff members Kelly Moselage (far left), Kerri Kroll (second from left), and Julie Colacurcio. (Greg Scruggs Photo) Election security vaulted to the top of public officials’ concerns in the U.S. following the attempted intervention by Russian hackers in the 2016 presidential election. The hacking[…]

Distrust of the Bolivar Prompts Venezuelans to Seek Sound Money

There’s a small team of committed researchers and activists called the Ryver Bitcoin Cash group surveying Venezuelans, and giving them educational resources about the benefits of bitcoin cash. The Venezuelan country has been suffering from rapid inflation and many people distrust the sovereign bolivar. Unfortunately, most Venezuelans are not getting any exposure to digital currency[…]

Warren slams Bezos over Amazon’s decision to cut medical benefits for part-time Whole Foods workers

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the front-runners for the Democratic presidential nomination, speaks in Seattle on a campaign stop. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop) Amazon is once again in Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s crosshairs, this time for its decision to cut medical benefits for part-time employees at Whole Foods, the company’s grocery chain. Warren tweeted[…]

How Prime Brokerage Will Affect Crypto Markets

Prime brokerage firms are coming for crypto in what’s likely to be a race of winner-takes-almost-all. Goldman Sachs is synonymous with institutional wealth and power, even to those who’ve never purchased a financial product in their life. Like the eponymous tower it occupies in Jersey City, Goldman Sachs dominates the prime brokerage trade. What will[…]

Nature Abhors a Vacuum: Why Trump’s Proposed Negative Rates Bode Well for Bitcoin

In a recent tweet, U.S. president Donald Trump delved into an explosive, all-caps-loaded mini-rant about the necessity of getting “interest rates down to ZERO, or less.” The bombastic politician stressed the need for America to refinance its debt, trailing off with some superficially conservative speak about the U.S. and its “great currency, power, and balance[…]

Cybersecurity advice: How local government entities and employees can avoid costly hacks 

From left to right: Route Fifty Senior Editor Alisha Powell Gillis; FBI Special Agent Kevin Brennan; Secret Service Assistant Special Agent in Charge Michael Germain; and Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Advisor Ronald Watters. (Greg Scruggs Photos) What is the most popular password in the Pacific Northwest? Seahawks12, or some variation thereof, according to federal[…]