Authorities Opened That Black Sarcophagus and Found Three Mummies Stewing in Sewage

Egyptian authorities opened a 2,000-year-old sealed black granite sarcophagus on Thursday, an artifact that has become a media sensation since it was discovered in the Egyptian city of Alexandria on July 1. According to Egypt Today, the sarcophagus contains three male mummified bodies, one of which appears to have sustained head injuries. Unfortunately, the bodies[…]

VentureBeat is looking for an events content contractor

VB EVENT: We’re looking for someone with experience in event content programming and speaker recruitment to help us expand our new BLUEPRINT event series. The event series is part of our BLUEPRINT initiative announced last year, to foster greater economic opportunity and higher-paying job creation across the Heartland. In March, we held our i…Read More

Japanese Minister Denies Ties to Unregistered Crypto Exchange Under Investigation

Seiko Noda, Japan’s Minister for Internal Affairs & Communications, and Minister in charge of Women’s Empowerment, was questioned by the Japanese press on Thursday over her involvement with an unregistered cryptocurrency exchange, which was allegedly violating the Japanese fund settlement law. Also read: Japan Tax Agency Says Individuals Earning $1,800+ in Crypto a Year Will Declare[…]

Malta Stock Exchange to Develop Two New Platforms for Security Tokens

The Malta Stock Exchange has separately announced today that MSX, the innovation, digital and fintech arm of the group, will be developing two new platforms for listing and trading security tokens. Neufund is developed in partnership with Binance, and OKMSX in collaboration with Okex. Also Read: No Insider Trading, Market Manipulation and Misleading Ads –[…]

Millennials like companies that stand up for civil rights but aren’t likely to vote with their dollars, new report finds

Millennials care about corporate activism but that only goes so far. (BigStock Photo) Millennials are a cohort coveted by brands. The world’s largest generation, they have spending power and are early adopters of new technology. They’re also some of the loudest voices in the chorus calling for tech companies to take a more activist stance[…]

I'm Going to Give 'No Man's Sky' Another Try

No one was happy with No Man’s Sky when it came out. In one of the most famously bad launches in history, developer Hello Games went full Peter Molyneux—it over-promised and under-delivered. For months, developer Sean Murray did a press tour where he touted No Man’s Sky as a vast, procedurally generated, multiplayer adventure. The[…]