Lawsuits allege Amazon Web Services illegally stored biometric data obtained by customers

(GeekWire File Photo) Amazon’s cloud division has been hit with multiple lawsuits, alleging the tech giant violated state law in Illinois by obtaining and storing biometric data without appropriate public disclosures. But there’s a twist: Amazon is the target in the lawsuits because the company “obtains and stores biometric data on behalf of its customers,”[…]

What’s at Stake With Masternode Coins?

“Masternode” is a term that echoes less often in the cryptosphere these days, but not because user-controlled nodes have fallen out of favor. Rather, the nomenclature has shifted, with “staking” now used to describe the array of blockchains that fall under this banner. As an examination of proof-of-stake chains shows, masternode coins are very much[…]

Rising Pacific Northwest startups show that financial technology is about more than payments

Subsplash’s app helps churches collect money with a full engagement and donation system. (Subsplash Image) Key Takeaways Seattle-area startups are building fintech offerings centered around communities like churches, schools and foreign workers Google, Apple are pushing banking into the world of consumer tech Seattle still has a long way to go to become a fintech[…]