The Future of Ethereum in a Meme: Ultrasound Money

The “ultrasound money” meme has been running in Ethereum based circles for some time, gaining momentum as the asset rises and rises in value during this bull market. While it is considered a joke by many, like a myriad of memes, it hides a very complex array of factors that contribute to Ethereum’s newfound status.[…]

The Pokémon Card Gold Rush Is Causing a Labor Crisis

Pokémon cards have become big business and it’s causing problems at retailers and the companies who grade cards for resell. At Target, the company is limiting purchases of the cards to one item per customer, only selling them on Friday, and threatening to call the cops on customers who line up outside the store to[…]

Edward Snowden Knocks Alex Gladstein’s Crypto Critique- ‘Worst Part of Dragon-Level Wealth Is People Devolve Into Dragons Themselves’

On Saturday evening, the privacy advocate and well known whistleblower, Edward Snowden, spoke out against some criticism stemming from the Human Rights Foundation’s Alex Gladstein. Snowden attacked the tribalism taking place in the crypto space and said that some people “lose sight of the world beyond their cave.” Alex Gladstein Calls Snowden’s Interview Clip a[…]

Bank of Russia Tests Services Related to Cryptocurrencies

Russia’s central bank has examined three platforms offering crypto-related services. The projects have been tested in its regulatory sandbox in the course of 2020. Bank of Russia has received dozens of requests to pilot various financial services since it created the closed regulatory environment around three years ago. CBR Pilots 3 Crypto Projects in 2020[…]

New SEC Chairman Unveils Policies for Cryptocurrencies, Calls Bitcoin ‘Scarce Store of Value’

The new chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, has shared his view on how the SEC plans to regulate cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin. He calls bitcoin “a digital, scarce store of value” and stresses the need to put in place some investor protections for this asset class. New SEC Chairman Talks[…]

US Authorities Seek Court Order to Shut Down Crypto Trading Platform Allegedly Duping Thousands of Investors

New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking a court order to immediately shut down the operations of cryptocurrency exchange Coinseed. The attorney general previously filed a lawsuit against the crypto exchange but the platform allegedly continued to operate and dupe investors. US Authorities Take Urgent Action Against Coinseed The Office of Attorney General Letitia[…]